Create a “Boo To You” Tag for a Bag of Treats for Halloween

Boo To You Zombie Treat Bag Tag
Halloween Boo To You Treat Bags

You’ve Been “Booed”

Have you ever been “Booed”? Not in a bad way… in the Halloween way? Our neighborhood had this “Booing” tradition when my kids were younger.

“Booing” is where you and your kids sneak over to your neighbor’s property in the middle of the night and put out bags of candy or other surprises on their front porch. Then, you run away and laugh and wait patiently for the morning discovery. Of course, it is all done anonymously.

Make a couple of these “Boo To You” Treat bags and surprise your neighbors. The kids love it!

What are your Halloween traditions?

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Here is a little Halloween poem to share in your boo bag:


The air is cool, the season Fall,
Soon Halloween will come to all.

Secret friends have left a treat here,
To bring your family ghostly cheer.

Now it’s your turn to share,
With friends or anyone you dare.


When you have been “booed”, you put a sign on your door saying just that. That way you don’t get booed twice and other neighbors share in the love.

Check out Pinterest for loads of printable “Boo” signs. Happy crafting!

Boo To You tag for Halloween treat bag

Video Instructions for Project

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  • Boo To You tag for Halloween treat bag
  • Boo To You tag for Halloween treat bag

Happy Halloween!

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I hope you enjoyed today’s project! “BOO” to all of you!

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